Our Story

Back in 1985, a 15 year old Benjamin Eng landed his first job working for a local haberdashery in Montclair, NJ called Bragg & Son on the ever-so-charming Church Street.  Surrounded by perfectly tailored clothing from Hickey Freeman, buttery leather jackets from Sawyer of Napa, classic shoes from Allen Edmonds, and the finest silk accessories from Robert Talbott, Ben quickly learned to appreciate true quality in classic menswear.  But appreciation is one thing and affordability another.  When it came down to it, his family simply did not have much money.  So soon, Ben picked up the habit (though some might call it an art or skill) of bargain-shopping.  He started to frequent the sales racks of department stores at the end of the season as well as discount stores and outlets.  Friends started to notice Ben's upgraded wardrobe and were soon asking him to find deals for them too.  Thus began Ben’s foray into hunting for bargains and passing the deal on to friends.  Fast-forward a few years later, having completed a liberal arts degree in Business Administration Ben went on to work for Ralph Lauren, Grieco Brothers (manufacturer of Southwick tailored clothing), and Nordstrom where he earned top sales levels for the company.  But the advent and intrigue of the internet led Ben back to his roots in scouring stores for  bargains and offering them on ebay, which then ultimately led to the founding of eHaberdasher.com.  Although no longer cherry picking from the clearance racks, Ben still enjoys the hunt, continually making new friends and contacts with  frequent travel to New York, Italy, and beyond to find and offer the very finest in menswear to friends and loyal customers. 


In the 2009, Ben saw a gaping hole for classic, high quality staple clothing at a reasonable price, and began to design and manufacture his own line of tailored clothing and accessories.  The Benjamin line was born, with the Sartorial Line spearheading the effort in offering a true fully canvassed suit for $525 - unheard of in the industry.  Soon to follow came ties made in Como, Italy from the same factories as many luxury brands that sell for three, four and even five times more.  Shirts were also added to the collection, with luxurious Italian cottons used in the manufacturing by the same European factories of luxury brands but at a fraction of the price.  Due to the incredible value proposition, the Benjamin line has grown to be the most popular selling brand for the company, and is currently exclusively available only through eHaberdasher.com.


eHaberdasher continues to be a family-run business, and has recently set up a retail shop in Wimbledon Village, London, Great Britain where Ben along with his wife and three children currently reside.


Our Mission

Here at eHABERDASHER we believe quality and style should be attainable to all.  Not everyone can afford the loft retail prices of beautiful handmade clothing in luxurious fabrics, so here we offer the ultimate in name brand luxury men's apparel and accessories at up to 80% off retail prices. We have been in the on-line clothing business since 2001, having a longstanding reputation for exellence in offering the highest quality men's clothing at discount prices.  Adding to the branded offerings, Ben has created his own clothing line, Benjamin and and Bella Spalla, to further offer quality made clothing at sensible prices, with the goal being to make online shopping easy for our customers from around the world, offering incredible values clothing that is recognized for both quality and style. From the comfort of your home or office you can shop the most elite brands, making luxury menswear at your fingertips.


Our Products  

All of the products on our website are guaranteed to be brand new and first quality (unless otherwise noted), and always 100% authentic.  Most of our stock is from close-outs, store returns, or past season merchandise. With a constantly growing list of contacts and frequent travels to Italy and beyond, we continually strive to bring in new and fresh merchandise from luxury brands made with the highest quality in the world.  Sometimes however we offer lesser known brands that we perceive to have excellent quality and value and feel may be of interest as well. 

Due to the nature of our changing inventory and low prices, we urge you to check with us frequently and not hesitate in making your purchase, as often times we have only one of any item in any particular size and seldom have quantities of a single item. Therefore please keep in mind that if you see something you like, there's no guarantee it will be available on your next visit.

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For any further questions please email us at service@eHaberdasher.com